Bullet Journal

I saw a video on YouTube about bullet journaling and thought it was something fun I could try. Of course I’m not the best at drawing and my handwriting isn’t anything special but it’s supposed to be whatever you want it to be!!

Here are some pages from my journal that don’t have personal info on them –

I’ll list some supplies I got below + they weren’t very expensive at all!

I got 2 pilot gel pins from Walmart just for regular writing!I’m pretty sure these are Pen+Gear fine point pens and I got these at Walmart 20 pack of Crayola SuperTips markers I got from CVS for $5 Washi Tape is from Walmart I think they were each like $3 but I’m not positive! 

They also have a lot of these products on amazon and different types of journals but for my first one I just decided to go with a plain lined one! 

I will definitely get more creative the more I do this but for now I like how it looks! I have a lot more pages decorated but they have personal information on them so I didn’t want to show that!

Check out some videos on YouTube about bullet journaling, it gives you a lot of amazing ideas! 


8 thoughts on “Bullet Journal

  1. I’ve been thinking about starting a Bullet Journal for a while now but have no clue where to start! I love the layout of yours and the doodles are so cute!

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      1. Does it bother you having the lines instead of the dots on the paper? I wasn’t sure if it would hurt my eyes and my heart for not being as pretty, lol

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      2. The lines bother me a little just because they don’t work for everything. But I figured it’s okay for a practice journal. I actually wanted the ones with dots but I couldn’t find any at the store. I know they have tons on amazon so I’ll probably get that for my next journal.


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