May 14th

Mother’s Day. A day for my mom. Your mom. All of them. Somebody special that takes care of you & loves you. 

For Mother’s Day we had some of my aunts, uncles and cousins come over. We had a breakfast and just sat around and visited. 

Once everyone left our house we headed to pick up my sister at the airport. My sister I mentioned her in my List of Loves Part 1 blog lives in Germany & she is coming to visit for a few weeks! (Super excited about that).

My mom wanted to have Mother’s Day dinner at Olive Garden so we went there and ate. When we walked in it was crazy packed but we decided to go ahead and wait. We started off sitting on a bench outside but if you live in Texas you know how the heat gets /: 

We moved inside just to stand when some seats at the bar area came open so of course we had to sit (we made sure it was allowed) and then they asked if we were ready to order (so we skipped the wait time and cut infront of people) lol 

This is me & my sister

I wanted a cute pic of the breadsticks but my mom ate a piece + my root beer.since I got a new phone I wanted to try out portrait mode again so here’s a pic of my mom & sisters drink. (She’s 23 so it’s legal)

my mom had asked my dad to pick a flower for her when we were leaving the restaurant which I thought was adorable 

I hope everyone has an amazing day!!


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