List of Loves Part 2

2 blog posts in one day???

If this is my first post you’re reading, then welcome!!! Feel free to check out my 1st post to this series List of Loves Part 1

IT’S TIME. List of Loves Part 2. I was going to wait a little longer to make a new post with my favorite things BUT  I had some stuff I really wanted to share with y’all.

Rompers. These things are the best. Except when you have to use the bathroom. I found a gorgeous one at JcPenny + it was on sale (even better) 

Shoes. I think I might have mentioned my sandals in another post but I have 3 pairs from American Eagle and they’re all amazing. I definitely need some more for summer time! Also I got some cute shoes from Target which I LOVE they are cute and super comfy. I will try to link them below! 

The two pair on the left are American eagle sandals & the black ones on the right are from target! My other pair of American Eagle sandals are in my romper picture!

Gym Time. Working out is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile so now I’m finally doing it. (yay me) I figured summer was the perfect time to do it. Maybe once I get to a regular routine of my workout I could make a post about that! I’ve done a few spin classes and that’s the best workout ever!

Saving Money. Of course who doesn’t love saving money right? But this is for something that’s important to me. I want to go to college for photograph and videography, so I’m saving up to buy my first REAL camera. I need about $700 and right now I’m around $200. It’s not a lot yet but all of that money is just from what I got by selling old clothes and just saving the dollars I get here and there. Also COUPONS. They’re amazing. We get some sent to our house from the store and food places in our town. Not to mention there’s tons of apps that help you find ways to save money with coupons.

Being Comfortable. This is something that I’m working on for myself. I never had acne until 8th grade and it used to be very bad so of course my face has some scars and unevenness in my skin color. It’s gotten better since then and I have few pimples now it’s just scars but it’s not perfect & I’m learning to be comfortable with that + I take WAY better care of it and try to keep it healthy. Of course I don’t have PERFECT skin (yet) but I’m okay with what it looks like without tons of makeup. (If you like to wear makeup that’s awesome, do you. I’ve never been good at it) now that it’s summer I most likely won’t wear any and I’m totally okay with that.

Junior Year. I loved junior year. It was long and stressful and crazy because that’s all high school is, but it was fun and a new experience. This year has come and gone so fast that I can’t believe I’m a SENIOR now. 

Netflix. Let me share a few of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix.

1. 13Reasons Why (be prepared to cry because I did a lot)

2. Friday Night Lights (I think I love this because I’m from Texas so HS football is important)

3. New Girl

4. Gilmore Girls

5. Dance Academy 

6. The Carrie Diaries

7. Pretty Little Liars 


9. The Secret Life of Pets (can’t lie I loved it)

10. The Fosters

I could name a ton more but there’s a few to get you started. 

I’ll try to include more pictures in these because some times a bunch of words looks boring.


List of Loves Part 1

So this is where I post about all the things I’m really into at the moment. I honestly have no clue how long this list will be but maybe I’ll do this every few months instead of a monthly favorites it can be my list of loves. It sounds cool.

So let’s do this.

Journaling. For my Bullet Journal (click that to read my post about it) I got new washi tape and it’s super cute because it’s got plants & strawberrys & flowers. Cute right? I’m still working on my writing and drawing skills so hopefully my journal ends up looking better than it does now!

Plants. This one isn’t really a new discovery or anything, I just really love plants. I have 8 in my room and they’re so adorable + it’s fun to watch them grow. Most are succulents of some kind + little cacti that I LOVE.

Music. I could name a million songs but here’s a few that I want to share:

1. All My Friends – snakehips

2. 8teen – Khalid

3. Wait a Minute – willow smith

4. All 4 love – color me badd

5. Now or Never – Halsey

6. Passionfruit – drake

7. Secrets – The Weeknd

8. Burnin up – Jonas brothers (you can’t judge me on this one. I still jam to this so just accept it & keep reading thanks!!!)

9. Slow hands – Niall Horan 

10. All night – The vamps & matoma

Shoes. I recently bought a pair of grey ankle boots that are SO CUTE I love them so much. I haven’t found an outfit to wear them with + I don’t have a picture of them on my phone (&I I’m feeling too lazy to get them out of my closet) but I’m sure you’ll see them in one of my wardrobe posts so be on the look out!

Photos&Cameras. I LOVE PHOTOS. All kinds. Old & new. They say so much without saying anything at all & yes I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Being able to have phones & cameras where you can just snap a picture and have that memory forever is crazy cool. There’s so many things I love taking pictures of so I’m pretty sure I’m always the friend that wants to take a group picture. Remembering things is important especially as you grow up because you may not see those people every day. but always remember to not get too caught up capturing the moment and really take it all in & enjoy it.

Thrift Shopping. Shopping is fun (most of the time) there’s this place where I live that’s like thrift shopping but not really. It’s complicated to explain so I decided to just call it a thrift store because you get tons of clothes at cheap prices and you can find a little bit of everything! I’ve gotten a few things from this place and I love it! The jeans I wore in my May 3rd blog post are brand new with tags and all but I got them for $2. IF THATS NOT AMAZING WHAT IS. I actually plan on going thrifting with my sister when she comes home so maybe I’ll make a post about what we find!

Siblings. but really just a sibling. I have 1. 1 sister. 1 best friend. 1 partner in crime. 1 FaceTime buddy. 1 person that’s always there no matter what. My sister & I of course had the love/hate (mostly love though) relationship growing up because we’re 6 years apart. But then she moved to Germany (cool I know) & we didn’t get to see each other much. She comes to visit sometimes & is actually coming home Sunday! (Mother’s Day so it’s a great present for our mom!!) I’m so excited to see her because she’s my best friend & having a sibling that you love and can share anything with is amazing. Of course we’ll be taking a ton of pictures together so y’all will see plenty of her.

That’s all I have for this post + hopefully I add more to it each time so maybe this can be it’s own little series. What do y’all think?

Have a great weekend!!

Xo – Sid