Bullet Journal

I saw a video on YouTube about bullet journaling and thought it was something fun I could try. Of course I’m not the best at drawing and my handwriting isn’t anything special but it’s supposed to be whatever you want it to be!!

Here are some pages from my journal that don’t have personal info on them –

I’ll list some supplies I got below + they weren’t very expensive at all!

I got 2 pilot gel pins from Walmart just for regular writing!I’m pretty sure these are Pen+Gear fine point pens and I got these at Walmart 20 pack of Crayola SuperTips markers I got from CVS for $5 Washi Tape is from Walmart I think they were each like $3 but I’m not positive! 

They also have a lot of these products on amazon and different types of journals but for my first one I just decided to go with a plain lined one! 

I will definitely get more creative the more I do this but for now I like how it looks! I have a lot more pages decorated but they have personal information on them so I didn’t want to show that!

Check out some videos on YouTube about bullet journaling, it gives you a lot of amazing ideas! 


Try New Things

Recently I have been trying to find new things to do since I have more time on my hands. Usually my time was spent at dance practice and then of course homework because that’s what high school/college is (tons of work). 

I don’t dance anymore so I have a few more free hours in my day. At first I wasn’t sure how to spend them since I didn’t really have a hobby. I decided to try new things like the following –

I have become more interested in taking photographs of different kinds of elements.

I definitely have gotten WAY better at planning ahead for my homework & job. I mean I even bought a planner so that’s great right?

Spending more time outside has been something I really enjoy. I turn my phone off or leave it inside and I just sit on our back porch with a snack and enjoy what nature has to offer. 

Walking my dog and spending more time with him playing is something I love also because who doesn’t love dogs.

And last but not least, I’ve been trying to be a better person for myself because self appreciation is important and being happy is the key to a great life.

Maybe if y’all are like me and are trying new things then you can get a few ideas from this post. Or if you have a hobby you’d like to share please let me know!!

– happy April 1st! 

New Orleansย 

It was about 2 years ago my family took a trip to Louisiana during the summer. I think the longest part about our trip was getting out of Texas! 

New Orleans was beautiful and the people there were incredibly talented with the music they played and art work they make.

Of course it was extremely hot during the summer and tons of people everywhere but it was totally worth it and I can’t wait to make another trip there. 

National Puppy Day

Considering yesterday was national puppy day it only seems appropriate to make a short post about this cute pup of mine.

My friend Madison takes pictures of dogs and she came to my house to take pictures of Gus. He is very photogenic and playful and he loves to get tummy rubs (and loves to give kisses). He’s my first pet I’ve ever had (besides sad little fish) and I love him to death.

– here are a few of the finished pictures.

You’ll probably be able to see a few more on my Instagram sometime soon, so go check that out also!

Have a fantastic Friday!


Spring break of my sophomore year in high school (last year) we took a trip to LA with my school dance team. We went on a double deck tour bus and got to see some pretty amazing sites.

One thing I will never forget is my first time on a subway at night in LA. Let’s just say I was not a fan of that part at all, but other than that it was pretty great. We got to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, dance at one of the Millenium Dance Complex, visit Universal Studios Hollywood and see the Santa Monica beach area & boardwalk.

All in all I think the trip was pretty amazing & I would love to go back on my own someday and see the rest of California.

– here are some pictures from my trip last year.ย 

I was about to post this and realized I forgot to mention two AMAZING things that happened.

1. We saw Mario Lopez and their crew filming at Universal for their Extra show!

2. We met Jordan Fisher (he’s been on Secret Life of an American Teenager, and some Disney shows + he sings)

– have a great Wednesday night everyone!

Something New

How do you properly start a blog post? I guess there is no right way and that is why you’re free to make it your own. So here it goes..

Hi, my name is Sidney and this is my first blog post!ย  I am very excited to see where this leads me. I plan on posting about things I find interesting so I guess this could be a lifestyle blog. Let me say thatย  I have wanted to do this for a while but never had the time but since I do now I have decided I’m just going for it.

I hope whoever reads this enjoys and will continue to share this journey with me.

I am also starting to enjoy taking more pictures of things, people, myself included etc. – Here are a few of me with some cool backgrounds. Ice Cream.JPGBlue Wall.JPGWest Columbia Pic.JPG