Outfits on Outfits

I couldn’t think of a better title for this post but since it’s about a few outfits I’ve worn recently that I really liked I figured why not?

This first outfit is a dress from a local boutique in my town! Paired with a “joy” cardigan from LuLaRoe! + the shoes I got were on sale at Rue21.

My next outfit is one that I wore to my schools graduation. I love rompers and this one fit perfect! It was also on sale at JcPennys. The bag is my sisters that she let me borrow + not pictured are my American Eagle sandals. 

This one is very simple. White high top converse w/ hollister Jeans. My green jacket is from Target + my shirt is from SheIn (10/10 recommend SheIn. Lots of cute clothes for reasonable prices)

This post was short but I just wanted to share some of my favorite outfits! If y’all have some favorite places to shop let me know, I’m always looking for new stuff!!

Let’s Catch Up + Discount Code

If you read all the way through there’s a cool discount code you can find!

The last few weeks of school are always hectic and full of things that need to be done. Tons of semester reviews and final projects + graduation parties to attend.

Saturday morning I went to a spin class with my sister at our gym and it was intense. REALLY FUN. but intense. Our class was about an hour and I had little baby deer legs after because working out is new for me but I love it already!

Of course we had to take a snap to document our first time at the gym + my sisters sunglasses messed up her filter and it was really funny

Saturday afternoon we went to my friends grad party and she had some of the best crawfish I’ve ever tasted + crawfish is something I just started liking so I can’t get enough of it

I have a lot of senior friends this year and I can’t believe they graduate Friday )):

I have been SO stressed out trying to keep up with school these last few weeks. It’s mostly my fault that I kept putting off doing my work just because I’m tired of it BUT I’m almost caught up and we have 4 days until summer :,) 

I’m taking a few college classes this summer which will be worth it because I’m only going to have 3 classes senior year so that’s AMAZING. 

I can’t believe junior year is practically over because I swear it felt like yesterday when I was walking into high school for the first time??

If you go to Muddybody.com and purchase something be sure to use my discount code Sidney10  !!!!

I will have a new post up most likely this weekend about some new outfits so be on the look out! 

May 3rd

Today was actually a really great day! First off any day you don’t have to get up for school at 7 is great. Since it’s the end of the year we’re testing so juniors and seniors don’t go to school until 11 (yay happy sid)

Me and a few of my friends went to IHOP this morning which was delicious!! Of course by then it was time for school so I was there for 3 hours and then I had a hair appointment. I love getting my hair done because it’s so nice and relaxing!! 

I finally got to wear this pair of jeans I got for a really good price from a place kinda like thrift shopping but not really (I know doesn’t make sense) these jeans are so comfy and cute and perfect for summer time!

 I ordered 2 pairs of new sandals from American Eagle! I only got one pair today and those are the sandals in my picture + my shirt I’m wearing is from shein. They have such cute clothes for reasonable prices I would 10/10 recommend! 

Happy Wednesday! 


Happy Times

I think being happy is something everyone struggles with at some point, and maybe some more than others. I know I do but lately I’ve been finding ways to make the sad days good. 

I want to be somebody that’s genuinely a happy person, all the time. Being happy is cool. Being happy is great. It’s the best thing for you. 

The small things like when my plants grow just a little or seeing my dog when I come home from school to the big things like a new season of my show on Netflix (priorities, am I right?) more like spending times with friends and family make my day 100x better. 

I used to complain about a lot of things which is normal for every teenager but I appreciate everything this world has to offer me and I intend to cherish every minute I have.

Let’s end this with a quote :

β€’ most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be β€’

Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚